meet the flavors

We believe that high-intensity, vibrant flavors can transport us to our favorite tropical paradises. With one sip, we can feel the warm breeze ruffle our hair, smell the saltiness of the ocean, and wiggle our toes in the sand. That’s why we strive to closely mimic natural flavors to deliver you to paradise, no matter where you are. Meet our line of flavors below…

meet the flavors

We believe that high-intensity, vibrant flavors can transport us to our favorite tropical paradises. With one sip, we can feel the warm breeze ruffle our hair, smell the saltiness of the ocean, and wiggle our toes in the sand. That’s why we strive to closely mimic natural flavors to deliver you to paradise, no matter where you are. Meet our line of flavors below…


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Banana

It’s believed bananas were the first fruit on earth? Primitive yet lavish. Our rich, smooth, show stopping Banana Mixer transports you far away from the mundane. You’re only a sip away from pure bliss – like a sweet retreat into a lush rainforest yet to be discovered by mankind.

blue raspberry

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Blue Raspberry

The concept of a blue raspberry may be pure imagination, but thanks to the rare species of whitebark raspberry plant, once in a blue moon they actually get to exist. Our Blue Raspberry mixer has a sweet, fun flavor that’s uniquely it’s own. It’s sure to stimulate your taste buds and capture the imagination.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Hurricane

Did you know Fruit Punch trees actually exist? Through a process called multi-grafting, up to 8 different fruits from the same family are able to grow harmoniously together on the same tree. Our Hurricane Mixer is the perfect fruit medley. A storm of sweet nectars interwoven to create a flavor that will catapult you into a state of whimsy.

ice cream

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Ice Cream

Ice cream sodas were banned on Sundays back in the 1800s and the Ice Cream Sundae emerged as a way to evade this Blue Law? The rich flavor of our luxurious Ice Cream Mixer can certainly be described as sinful. A velvety smooth and decadent cream – reminiscent of your favorite malt shop classic or a mud slide you’ll have friends and neighbors waiting to imbibe.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Lemonade

Did you know Lemonade grows on trees? The Lemonade tree is a naturally sweet hybrid of mandarin and lemon trees. Old fashioned charm with a bold new twist. Our Lemonade mix is bright, crisp, and sweetened to perfection. We’ve captured that lemony-tang flavor that’s timeless and playful.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Mango

Mangos can hang from trees over 100 ft. tall?  We think it’s worth the climb.  Overflowing with flavor and dressed by the sun in rich, golden garb, our mango mixer is worth the hassle.  Enjoy the fruits of our labor.  


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Margarita

Did you know margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the Americas!  We did and we have the rinds to prove it.  Our deliciously limey margarita mixers don’t disappoint.  Light, bright, and as refreshing as a sun-soaked breeze.  The rest of our recipe shall remain shrouded in mystery.  Enjoy.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Orange

Many languages refer to the orange as a golden apple….In fact, it was later interpreted that the “golden apple” gifted to Hera when marrying Zeus, was actually an orange.  With a flavor that’s clean and zesty, our Orange Mixer sets the gold standard. A lively, festive indulgence that would certainly satisfy the queen of the Olympian gods herself.

piña colada

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Pina Colada

What do you get when you cross a pineapple and a coconut?  A tropical Puerto Rican sunrise on the sandy beaches of San Juan! Just add a splash of rum, shaken or stirred and your lips will salsa at the intersection of flavorful and delicious.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | PassionFruit

It’s been said Passion Fruit was named after the Passion of the Christ by 16th century Missionaries in Brazil. Once this exotic flavor wrapped in divine sweetness touches your lips, you too, will think it’s sent from above. We’re not saying our passion fruit mixer will give you a religious experience… but we’re not saying it won’t.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Pina Colada

Did you know… Peaches are members of the rose family? Soft, delicate, aromatic. Our peach mixer is mild yet indulgent. Like sitting lakeside on an endless summer night. It envelops you in a wave of calm for a deliciously tranquil experience. You’ll want to sip and savor each drop as it melts the stress of the day away.

pineing for apricots

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers | Pineing For Apricots

It is said that Alexander the Great introduced the apricot to Greece, and that Christopher Columbus brought the first pineapple to Europe. A few centuries later, we’re still smitten with both fruits. Our Pineing for Apricots blends them together into an alluring flavor combination that tastes like a splash of sweet summer sunshine.

rum runner

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers | Rum Runner

The Rum Runner was invented in the Florida Keys and named after the actual ‘Rum Runners’ who smuggled alcohol into the Keys during prohibition?  Our smuggle-worthy Rum Runner Mixer is a smooth and vibrant symphony of fruit – like taking a sip of the tranquil tropics. Sit back, relax and enjoy this Florida Keys classic with your toes in the sand.

sour mix

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers | Sour Mix

Our Sour Mix takes clarified lime juice concentrate with some added tropical sweetness and presents you with a classic – everyone’s favorite cocktail. Who doesn’t love margaritas? This vibrant flavor will transport you to a hot, blissful summer night even on the coldest winter day.

strawberry daiquiri

Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Strawberry

Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen every spring. Our Strawberry Daiquiri mixer tastes like we were the first in line! Full of flavor, smooth and packed with ruby red sweetness, your first sip will not be your last.  It’s always spring here.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Watermelon

Watermelons were originally bitter in taste and a pale shade of green inside. The popular summer fruit was bred to taste sweeter and turned red over time. Unlike its 5000 year-old ancestor, our Watermelon Mixer has been sweet and satisfying from the start. A cool, refreshing, and frisky flavor with strong mixability – never overwhelms.


Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ | Watermelon

In ancient Greek mythology, cherry trees contained the “elixir” that gave gods their immortality. While we can’t promise immortality, we can promise that our Cherry mixer will turn your elixirs into a near-mystical blend of exotic-meets-small-town-summer-pie.

additional flavors

Tropical Mixers

  • Green Apple

Healthy Fruit Chillers

Our premium line of fruit chillers pack all the flavor as our original tropical mixers but use the magical sweetness of all natural fruit purees for flavor, no added sweeteners or colors, and yes, 4.5 servings of real fruit in every 16 oz. cup. Indulge responsibly.

  • Healthy Fruit Chillers Strawberry
  • Healthy Fruit Chillers Strawberry Banana
  • Healthy Fruit Chillers Pineapple Coconut
  • Healthy Fruit Chillers Orange
  • Healthy Fruit Chillers Peach
Latitude 26 - Tropical Mixers™ |  Coffee Frappe

grab a frozen joe

Frozen Cappuccinos

On a hot summer day an iced or frozen coffee soothes your cravings while providing tropical chills.  Use it with or without your favorite libation and enjoy the richness of our coffees.

  • Mocha Madness
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla Velvet

Skinny Iced Coffees (Low sugar and low caffeine)

Looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite iced coffee?  Our Skinny Iced Coffee offers no added sugars, no fat, low or no caffeine, and only 4 grams of carbs.  We call it guiltless pleasure.

  • Mocha
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
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